kathryn lyster

“i walked through

water alone crystal

waves clear to

the bottom sun

streaking overhead

we floated to the moon.”



Kathryn’s debut novel was published by HarperCollins.


writing + nature

Hi, I’m Kathryn!
I am a published poet & author.
Born in South Africa, I lived there until my family immigrated to Australia when I was 12. I have two homes. I spent years living a wild life in Byron Bay, swimming in rivers and climbing waterfalls. Sydney is currently home; I am constantly searching for nature and inspiration amidst the hectic din of the city. I surf on the northern beaches and write daily.

In life and in writing, Kathryn is an advocate for the environment, equality, women, social justice, mental health awareness, sustainable & cruelty-free lifestyle & animal rights.


reading + kindness

I believe in the MAGIC of books. We learn from reading; stories can show us who we are and where we have been. Hopefully, they can guide us to where we want to go. My values are kindness, empathy and being brave. I also believe in swearing when necessary. I clutch my favourite novels to my chest after reading - not wanting them to end. Books are among my most treasured things.


MA Creative Writing - The University of Sydney, 2018 + ongoing
Diploma of Book Editing & Publishing - Macleay College 2010
B.A Media & Communications (Writing) - University of Technology, Sydney 2009


Darling, you are all the light you’re chasing…